A Greater Good Foundation (AGGF) was founded in June of 2016 by four young men from the Chicagoland. Having all grown up with their own personal and environmental battles, they became aware that opportunities for growth, learning, and development were scarce.
​During college, our founders were introduced to personal development (i.e. social-emotional learning) through network marketing. They enthusiastically introduced their peers to the same business and information and watched everyone involved organically grow to become empowered.  The business endeavor did not last, but studying personal development did. After reflecting on everyone’s growth, our founders vowed to bring this information back to the communities they were from.



At A Greater Good Foundation, we significantly impact the lives of youth everyday by developing their mind, body, and spirit. Our team has designed a residential extended learning community that focuses on social-emotional learning, financial literacy, community service, and post-secondary college/career navigation. Our unique residential extended learning approach enables us to create a subculture of of excellence while providing wraparound services to our youth.
Our goal is to build Chicago’s first private boarding school serving high-risk youth. We will create a safe and engaging environment for young people from low-income families to become vulnerable discovering themselves and growing to become individuals who embody love, courage, and prosperity!

Aerial View of a Houses

Charles, born on the south side of Chicago and raised in Gary, IN is a graduate of Valparaiso University and former division-I athlete. Having a troubled childhood himself, Charles discovered a sincere passion for giving other misguided youth a second chance at discovering their greatness. He is a product of a support team that refused to give up on him. He brings this very heart and mindset to the foundation every day.



mentoring is not only a huge responsibility but he views it more as a privilege. Early in his journey, his attention to create unique relationships emanates from his innate love for people. Cody was blessed with the opportunity to graduate from Valparaiso University in May and start building his dream that same month. Following years of self-growth, diverse experiences, and the burning desire to invest in his peers as a leader, it provoked him to help create the lasting vision of A Greater Good Foundation.