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​          Since the start of this mission, we have had supporters give unconditionally in so many ways.  What we've found out was that most people truly love to give, most times they just don't know how.  This platforms simplifies the receiving of support to our mission. By consistently being able to donate either your time, your treasure, and/or your talent, you are truly expanding and being a huge part of our mission. #LetsGrowTogether

  • Time - Donate your time during our unique service opportunities as we give back to communities in need.  Additionally, donate your time during our fundraisers and campaigns.

  • Treasure - Support our mission by making a monthly donation that helps advance programs.

  • Talent - Donate a monthly service or skill that will help us continue our mission!

The CampFire

         The CampFire is presented by our #LetsGrowTogether platform. This platform allows us to create a safe space where we bring diverse communities together to serve, connect, and grow in areas that we're most passionate about.

         From unique service events, community events, podcasts, study groups, and more, we are able to holistically develop our community.

What is the CampFire?


       It’s a Hybrid Mentorship program where we aim to Offer safe spaces for people to learn, connect, and grow

  • Connect Diverse Communities

  • Create a community of support & accountability

  • Offer advanced Education, Access, and Opportunities

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