Abstract Background


​          Since the start of this mission, we have had supporters give unconditionally in so many ways.  What we've found out was that most people truly love to give, most times they just don't know how.  This platforms simplifies the receiving of support to our mission. By consistently being able to donate either your time, your treasure, and/or your talent, you are truly expanding and being a huge part of our mission. #LetsGrowTogether

  • Time - Donate your time during our unique service opportunities as we give back to communities in need.  Additionally, donate your time during our fundraisers and campaigns.

  • Treasure - Support our mission by making a monthly donation that helps advance programs.

  • Talent - Donate a monthly service or skill that will help us continue our mission!

          Greater Gains Health and Recreation was created to help young people with special needs find ways to work on social, emotional, physical, and vocational skills that will allow them to live more independent and meaningful lives. Sports and recreation is the central programming we utilize, but everything we do focuses on the individual needs of each youth.

          Since every participant has very unique and often complex needs, each session is designed to best fit the goals set by parents, teachers, therapists, case workers and the child (for those who are able to verbalize things they want to work on). The majority of our clients have autism, but we also have clients who have another diagnosis or don’t have an official diagnosis, but struggle with social, emotional, physical, and/or vocational skills needed to pursue further opportunities in life as they become adults.

​          We often start in spaces that the youth are familiar with like their home and other community locations they enjoy. Eventually, we start to incorporate new locations and activities to help the youth develop skills they are lacking. Once the participant is at a level where they can master individual tasks without support, we will create a transition plan for the participant to help with school, career, and other life goals that they can work towards individually.


          Through our #LetsGrowTogether platform, we are able to create a safe space where we bring diverse communities together to serve, connect, and grow in areas that we're most passionate about. From unique service events, community events, podcasts, study groups, and more, we are able to holistically develop our community.


  1. Restorative Practices - Building a better sense of perspective, understanding and community by creating a safe space for communication and engagement.

  2. It’s interest, not intellect - It’s our responsibilities as educators to ensure that our students are engaged with any information we expect them to retain and apply.

  3. Cultivate Faculties - Every student on the planet has access to six amazing mental faculties that can be strengthened to create their dream life: will, reason, imagination, perception, memory, and intuition.

  4. Develop Mindfulness - Our students will learn to transmute their emotions, as well as gain awareness on their connection to a broader world around them.

  5. Life-long learners - The frequency in which our students explore and learn on their own will assure the trajectory of their life continues to slope upward.

  6. Self-awareness - Understanding self (mentally, physically, spiritually) as it relates to our environment, as well as our thinking.




We teach our own proprietary personal development curriculum that allows us to meet the youth where they are and improves self-awareness, identity, confidence. The curriculum includes restorative justice practices.



We consistently immersing young people in environments and subcultures that expand their beliefs and expectations. These experiences prompt emotional reflections of their values and past behaviors.



We use community service to expose our youth to the various way that they can give, build compassion for others, and inspire them to help others.