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Our vision is to create a safe and engaging environment for young people from low-income families to become vulnerable discovering themselves and growing to become individuals who embody love, courage, and prosperity in every area of life.


At A Greater Good Foundation, We utilize the power of self-
exposurenutrition, and service to inspire young
people and communities globally to live more holistic lives.


We believe that there’s greatness in each and every one of our young men. We make it our responsibility to help them discover and incubate their gifts. Our goal is to enable our students with the self-confidence to courageously navigate through college and beyond. They will learn that they’re not defined by their circumstances, but instead, they must succeed because of them.
The foundation of our program is built upon educating the whole student: mind, body, and spirit. Our program is built on empowering our boys where they are, with what they have. Our curriculum ‘consciously’ enhances their intangible skills such as focus, expands their perception and imagination, and enables them to confidently make decisions. They become competent thinkers, problem-solvers, and masters of resourcefulness.


“A Greater Good Foundation” has taken unordinary & made it a way of life. Our environment fosters energy of love, compassion, creativity, & enthusiasm. We encourage our youth to think outside of the box. We provide the support & resources for them to imagine & innovate beyond their circumstantial limitation(s).

Our educational atmosphere advocates teaching by way of genuine engagement, open dialogue, and experience. Our foundation relishes its existence on extra-ordinary: incubation of talent, guidance & support for the misled, self-education, and faith based on understanding.

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