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Greater Gains Health and Recreation empowers individuals of all abilities through sports, health, recreation, social and vocational programs. We also provide physical, mental and emotional support and resources for families.


Greater Gains Health and Recreation was created to help young people with special needs find ways to work on social, emotional, physical, and vocational skills that will allow them to live more independent and meaningful lives. Sports and recreation is the central programming we utilize, but everything we do focuses on the individual needs of each youth.

Since every participant has very unique and often complex needs, each session is designed to best fit the goals set by parents, teachers, therapists, case workers and the child (for those who are able to verbalize things they want to work on). The majority of our clients have autism, but we also have clients who have another diagnosis or don’t have an official diagnosis, but struggle with social, emotional, physical, and/or vocational skills needed to pursue further opportunities in life as they become adults.

We often start in spaces that the youth are familiar with like their home and other community locations they enjoy. Eventually, we start to incorporate new locations and activities to help the youth develop skills they are lacking. Once the participant is at a level where they can master individual tasks without support, we will create a transition plan for the participant to help with school, career, and other life goals that they can work towards individually.


  • Improve physical fitness

  • Improve social skills

  • Improve self-confidence

  • Help people with sensory processing issues

  • Improve hand-eye coordination and motor skills 

  • Create opportunities for relationships

  • Create a community of support

  • Provide a space for people to exercise and not feel judged

  • Specialized exercises and equipment for those who don’t feel


Individual Workouts and Sports Lessons

One participant getting individual training/lessons on sports, recreation or fitness activities.

Partner Workouts and Sports Groups

Two participants getting training/lessons on sports, recreation or fitness activities.

Small Group Workouts

3-4 participants getting training/lessons on sports, recreation or fitness activities. 

Vocational Training Programs

Our vocational program helps participants learn how to transition into meaningful work as they become adults. They will have the opportunity to explore different jobs they like and excel at within Altitude Chicago Trampoline Park and other partner businesses.

Social Groups

We have small in-person groups where we will practice things like taking turns, working together, sharing space while doing different tasks and having conversation.

Virtual Sign Language Class

We will host virtual sign language classes that will be taught by a deaf person and a teacher who has been working with deaf students for 5 years.

Family Support Groups

Families will have access to free virtual support groups where we will build community, perspective, humanity, understanding and trust using restorative practices. 


4401 Taft Street
Gary, IN 46408

Phone: 773-234-9760

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