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College Students


At PoweredByBelief(PBB) we strongly believe that everyone has a unique gift  and that they should share with the world! Our programs and activities are tailored to help an individual reach their goals and realize their full potential. We achieve this by using our four pillars which are listed below.

“If You’re Looking For Something To Believe In, Why Not Yourself?”


Self Awareness

Teaching the understanding of the mind. The conscious and subconscious as they relate to thoughts, emotions, behaviors and results.

Personal Development / Human Growth & Potential

Teaching the importance of being students of life.

Financial Literacy + Entrepreneurship

Providing our youth with fundamental information on having their money work for them. Teaching them the difference between assets and liabilities as well as good debt and bad debt. We will also teach our students about the different investment vehicles (Real Estate, Stocks, Rental Car, Vending Machine, Digital Products, etc.)

Wellness - Mind, Body and Spirit

You are what you consume. What are you feeding your mind as well as your body? These things are in direct correlation! Nutrition is crucial because what we eat gives us the energy we need to function. Think about it, if we are putting regular gas in a Ferrari, more likely than not we will not get the best performance. The same goes for us as individuals, if we only eat junk food we should expect to underperform. With your mind, what content are you consuming? What music are you listening to? Who are you hanging around? These questions will give you a clear indicator of what to expect from your future.


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Powered By Belief
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