AGreaterU (AGU) is a “Residential Extended Learning Community” (RELC) created as a resource in predominantly low-income communities for high risk boys entering high school. We understand that our youth need more than just academic preparation and financial support. We know the solution lies in a comprehensive and creative approach to education, mentorship, and wraparound support. Our community serves high-risk, underperforming students throughout the Chicagoland and  Northwest Indiana.

We function as a residential shared-family for young men who have not yet recognized and tapped into their potential. It is also a resource for families who may not have the time or resources to provide the support their children need to prosper. Our home serves the following three demographics; high-risk, minimal risk, or no risk to ensure the greatest outcomes for each young person. Our residential component is significant because it allows us an opportunity to create a positive peer-to-peer learning environment much like college, focus on proper nutrition, and create a subculture of success based upon their goals. 

AGU RELC partners with existing public and/or charter schools to identify the eligible students to extend a 4-year AGU scholarship. The selected students will remain in a local, traditional school but will live in our 5,000 square foot home in all remaining hours. After the home’s culture and expectations have been established, students may return home on the weekends and/or holidays. They will also be able to participate in school activities as a traditional student would. 

 Our community gives scholars the opportunity to live in a 4-year residential scholarship program where they receive guidance in 4 key areas: Social Emotional Learning, Diversity Inclusion, Financial Literacy, and Academic Navigation. The community is built to provide the following services: comprehensive wraparound support, extensive academic support, mentorship, in-depth workforce development, and a positive, loving learning environment.




Students/Caretakers fill out our expression of interest form. After our team has looked over your form we will contact you for an interview to ensure our home can service your needs. *Our primary requirement is that the student wants to be apart of the home.*


After interest interviews, we will decide if we have the resources and support to meet the needs of the interested student. Upon acceptance, we slowly integrate you into the family. 


Lastly, the students move into the home where their goals & dreams are cultivated. Over the next 3-4 years, the students will become College Ready, Career Ready, and Life Ready.



  • Be a male student entering the 9th or 10th grade for Fall 2020

  • Have the phone number of your current school available

  • Student completes 5 short essay questions - Why are you interested in the AGreaterU?  What makes you happy/sad? What motivates you? What discourages you?

  • Parent/Guardian completes 1 short essay question - What do you hope your son will gain from participating in AGreaterU?

  • Be able to answer basic health-related questions about the student applying




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